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Our Pastors

Barry Johnson

Pastor Barry Johnson (with church)

Rev. Barry Johnson was reared in Beaufort, South Carolina, and accepted Jesus as his Savior in 1953 in The Baptist Church of Beaufort. During his teen years he occasionally preached to congregations in Beaufort and at a mission church at Hilton Head Island, S. C.. Having failed to grow in maturity, wisdom and grace, he was later much pained by the sinful world he observed around him, but saw little difference between church-going people and those not, and he withdrew from active pursuit of his faith until 1984. Finally, after confronting and accepting responsibility for the results of a number of sinful decisions in his life, Barry repented and rededicated his life to the Lord Jesus in 1984, when he was also baptized in the Holy Spirit.

From 1984 until 1997 Barry and his family were active in Christian Renewal Church of Hilton Head Island, S.C., in which Barry frequently preached and conducted services. In 1997, Church of the Living Word was formed and Barry and Rev. J. Eugene Horn were members of its initial Board of Elders. After years of mentoring by Rev. Horn, Barry was ordained as a Christian Minister and appointed by the Elders as Associate Pastor of this church. Rev. Horn remains as an Elder, and as the Senior Pastor of this church, and in oversight. Rev. Horn resides in Oregon.

After graduating from Beaufort High School in 1964, Barry graduated from Harvard University in 1968 with an honors degree in Government. Having been a four-year ROTC student, he was also commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Army. He graduated from the University of South Carolina School of Law in 1971 and served briefly on active duty in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam era, and in the Reserves, concluding his service at the rank of Captain, Field Artillery. He continues to practice law in the Bluffton area as well as to serve BibleFaithFellowship. Barry is married to Kerry (housewife and author) and has four children: C.B. Johnson (Wilmington, NC and married with three children); Claire Bennett (Tega Cay, SC and married with three children); Liza Mattson (Bluffton, SC); and, Lamar Johnson (University of South Carolina - Columbia).

Eugene Horn

Pastor Eugene Horn

Pastor Eugene Horn was born and raised in Roseburg, Oregon. He met Jesus as Savior at a Baptist Summer Camp in 1947. During his teen years he not infrequently preached to congregations and youth events in Roseburg and other Baptist Youth Fellowship venues around the state. As a Senior in High School and a Freshman in College he served as Oregon BYF President.

During his first year of college, his faith was challenged by the culture and values of college and he fell away from the Lord during his "intellectual awakening." Pastor Horn returned to begin, again, following Christ in preparation for full-time ministry in the Episcopal Church in 1967. He attended seminary in Berkeley at Graduate Theological Union and Church Divinity School of the Pacific, ordained in 1972.

In 1979, having contracted a terminal disease (Valley Fever) he went back home to Roseburg with his family to die. The Lord sovereignly invaded his life in August 1980 by healing him, and in February 1981, by baptizing him in the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Horn served Episcopal parishes in California, Wyoming and three in Oregon. In 1993 he, and the parish (Church of the Holy Spirit, Oregon) which he was serving, left the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon and became a parish and priest of the Diocese of Lake Malawi in the Province of Central Africa, the first of now-many US parishes to become affiliated with foreign Anglican dioceses.

In 1994, while continuing to serve as Rector and Priest of Church of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Horn was called to Hilton Head Island to be the Sr. Pastor of Christian Renewal Church. In 1997 he was Founding Pastor of Church of the Living Word, in Bluffton and Beaufort, now named Bible Faith Fellowship.

From 1983 to 2004, Pastor Horn made frequent mission, teaching and evangelism visits to several nations on the African continent and many other nations. From 2001 to 2004, he was called to spend most of his time in Malawi, Africa supervising building the buildings and grounds and developing the curriculum for all three years of study for a new seminary in the Diocese of Lake Malawi. The 19 students in the first year class led over 4,500 people to Christ during the 10 months of classes during their first year evangelism practicum.

After graduation from Roseburg Sr. High School in 1957, Pastor Horn attended University of Oregon for one year, and then had to work until he was drafted in 1961, a month after the Berlin Wall began to be erected, serving a total of six years in the US Army, two in Germany as an enlisted soldier. In 1967 he graduated from Portland State University with a BS in Organic Chemistry.

In February 1967 he began full-time ministry with the Greater Portland Council of Churches and has never looked back, finding much turmoil and great joy in serving the Lord Jesus and His people. In addition to mission, teaching, evangelism and parish ministry, he served a very active role in the development of a formal missionary training and sending agency and has provided apostolic oversight to a number of charismatic churches and pastors. He was awarded the degree of Doctorate of Theology in 2004 by Sacramento Regent University...

Pastor Gene is married to Diane, mother, homemaker and teacher, has two daughters, Zara Horn (one child) of Sherwood, Oregon and Rebeka Wallace (married with three children) of Gladstone, Oregon. Rebeka's husband, Jeremy Wallace, D.Min., is Dean of Canby Bible College, a ministry of Canby, Oregon New Life Four Square Church.

Pastor Gene lives in Cloverdale, Oregon. He is currently engaged in developing significant financial resources for the advancement of the Kingdom of God and working on two books in progress regarding the current application of all of the biblical covenants in this time and the ingredients to developing and actively pursuing both a private and public dynamic Holy Spirit-inspired relationship with Jesus, so we can be sure we are being led and guided by the Holy Spirit, so we can advance the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, God's way.